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PIUGAN IBERICA S.L.U with about three decades of successful business activities in fashion and Home purchase Indocin  Decoration Industry in Spain, proudly started export Cocktail Dresses and  Wedding Gowns to middle east from 2007 and play important role in fashion Market of this Country
PIUGAN goods is being sold and presented with different commercial name in countries of southern Europe and achieved great Successes in Europe market and amazing feed backs from consumers.
Because of the personal interest of the owners in name of PIUGAN, all of the products sell with this trade name in middle east And  Brand of PIUGAN has gained a   successful place among middle eastern consumers.
It is good to know that in near future PIUGAN’s  new products contain Home  Decoration goods and also TIME and TIMELESS Accessories will be cater in middle east .We hope that with the endless effort of PIUGAN management, new products also provide customer’s consent and satisfaction.